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Delica-m: Mean Something official music video [10 Dec 2012|02:46pm]

The latest music video from synthpop band Delica-m:

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I'VE RELOCATED TO LOS ANGELES! [28 Apr 2011|08:46pm]

  I'm not sure if anyone is even on here anymore but Morph Clothing is NOW called Anna Morph. We are also based out of Los Angeles CA.

You can find us on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/people/designergonemad?ref=ls_profile

and on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AnnaMorph
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Delica-m: Better Believe This [20 Jun 2010|08:58pm]

Delica-m is back with another video. Enjoy!

Alternate link
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Delica-m: Counting Stars video [26 May 2010|09:31am]

The half-Asian band Delica-m has recently released the full video for Counting Stars. Enjoy!

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Heart of Darkness (Feb 2010) [24 Jan 2010|12:08am]


The most beautiful romances are always depicted in the most unexpected of manners
and once it hits you, there is no looking back as you are being transported to a realm
beyond the universe and just like our traditional event, you will never know what to
expect until you step into the dark enclave of NOVA. To start off your macabre 2010
with lightning and thunder, the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement presents Heart Of
Darkness; Black Hearts.

Details of eventCollapse )

11:00 to 12:30 DJ LIQUE - TRANCE/EBM
12:30 to 02:00 DJ ΙVΔ ( Dual Tone ) - ELECTRO/EBM
02:00 to 03:00 DJ SAITO NAGASAKI - EBM

Cover: Free (Before 10pm) $12 (10pm onwards)
Promotions: Midnight Mayhem (1 for 1 on all drinks except bottles from 12-1am)
Age limit: 18 and above

Date: Saturday, 6 February 2010
Time: 9pm – 3 am
Venue: NOVA SAFRA Gamehaven, 29 Carpenter Street #06-00

For more information:
SDAM Portal and Forum – http://www.sdam.sg
SDAM Livejournal - http://singaporegoths.livejournal.com
SDAM Facebook community - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5512868844

RSVP at our Facebook event page HERE
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Selling clothes (h.naoto blood, egl...) [05 Jan 2010|05:49pm]

Hello, (I don't know if this is allowed if not please delete.)
I am selling some clothes and Accessoires.
If you are interested please take a look at my livejournal:

Read more...Collapse )
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New Anime forum Forusex.com about all free Hentai [31 Oct 2009|11:54pm]

Hello hello
We supply a small number of Hentai news
Forusex about all free Hentai Anime,Manga,Game,Adult,Doujinshi here


You can share content

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Plastic Tree Live Report! [05 Oct 2009|07:04pm]

 Read our latest live report of Plastic Tree!!

The concert on August 30th was the second time for Plastic Tree to perform at Nippon Budokan. But this time they had a new member, Drummer Sato Kenken. What sort of live performance had they in store for the fans? Even from before the concert, expectations were running high. The live performance was sure to become a turning point for the band. The following is a play-by-play account of the important concert.

[REPORT] Welcome to the World of Plastic Tree!

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ALTERNATION (feat. Absinthe Garden: Goth Art Exhibition) [04 Oct 2009|01:10pm]


Join us as we initiate the new wave of goth parties with revival of ALTERNATION, Singapore’s longest running alternative music night on record. Come 16th October, the interiors of DXO will drip macabre, melancholy and madness as befitting its patrons of eternal night. Hosted by Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM), the purveyor of Singapore’s only dedicated alternative music events, Alternation will feature, no holds barred, the sickest and harshest of Goth/Industrial/EBM from international club circuits. Those familiar with our goth parties will know this, but for the uninitiated, brace yourselves as our resident deckmasters MENTOR (X’ho) and MURDERFREAK unleash fiery inferno upon the dance floor.

In addition, we bring you a more gothic goodness in the form of ABSINTHE GARDEN. This art exhibit is a non-profit effort on the part of SDAM to showcase local alternative talents to the general public as well as media. Proudly curated in the Nest of DXO, we have gathered for your pleasure, an eclectic mix of six active local artists with a penchant for twisted tragedy. When chandeliers cast their sultry glow upon their heartworks, each of them will take you down the road less travelled--if you will but keep an open mind. What the dark and alternative means to each artist converge into the tenet: Marrying the weird and the wonderful with positively no discrimination, while striking contrast to the everyday with wicked relish.

More InformationCollapse )

RSVP your attendance at our Facebook page HERE!
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Heart of Darkness - 5th Sep 2009 [31 Aug 2009|12:49am]


August may have come and gone but the enthrallment still lives on as September promises to be a captivating month, starting off with Heart Of Darkness on 5th September. Brought to you by the Singapore Dark Alternative Dark Movement, it has received rave reviews from Timeout Singapore as their 'number one choice for alternative entertainment' and revellers who have attended past events can certainly attest to that fact.

Happening at the dark enclave known as NOVA, rest your weary bodies and retreat with a bottle of Jack Daniels while enjoying the atmosphere or liberalise your body and dance the night away as disc distorters Lique (Diol), Saito Nagasaki (Aesgrade) and Cosmic Battlefield (Cosmic Armchair) spin their refined selection of EBM, electro-industrial and gothic as the music enraptures your darkened souls for the night.

Let it be an unforgettable night and one to reminisce as Heart Of Darkness promises to teleport you into a realm that embraces you with open arms for the scent of darkness is simply irresistible.

For more information:
SDAM Portal and Forum – http://www.sdam.sg
SDAM Livejournal - http://singaporegoths.livejournal.com
SDAM Facebook community - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5512868844

Please RSVP for the event here HERE
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Heart of Darkness - 22nd August 2009 [30 Jul 2009|01:05am]


On Saturday 22 August 2009, a night of wicked wonders comes your way as the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM) unleashes Heart of Darkness, critically-acclaimed by Timeout Singapore as their ‘number one choice for alternative entertainment’. Turn away from the light of day and find your soul’s sanctuary at NOVA, a lair of lachrymose for the disparate respite with black thrones, Jack Daniels and mirrorballs. DJ alchemists Lique (Diol), Mentor (aka X'Ho) and Cosmic Battlefield (Benjamin Ang from Cosmic Armchair) weave up potent elixirs of EBM, electro-industrial and gothic soundscapes to electrify, devour and enthrall.

Sinister spirits, come dressed in your darkest nines for surrender to the blackness. Make merry under the moon and let music become your elecampane with your favourite poison in tow. Heart of Darkness will immortalise your senses in kaleidoscopic proportions, in a maleficent maelstrom to intoxicate like none other.

Date: 22nd August 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 9pm – 4 am
Venue: NOVA, 29 Carpenter Street (opposite Clarke Quay MRT / Central), #06-00, Safra Game Haven
Cover Charge: $12
Age limit: 18 and above

Click for more informationCollapse )

For more information:
SDAM Portal and Forum – http://www.sdam.sg
SDAM Livejournal - http://singaporegoths.livejournal.com
SDAM Facebook community - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5512868844
NOVA - http://www.thenova.sg/

RSVP at our Facebook page HERE
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Heart of Darkness (18 July 2009) [02 Jul 2009|08:33pm]


Come July 18 and August 22, the latest night of malevolence from the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement promises to assimilate more of the hardest and darkest tracks from around the global alternative circuit.

HEART OF DARKNESS will bring you the best of Industrial / Goth / EBM in the revival of Singapore's premiere goth party of the not-so-distant past. Revel in the primal contagious rhythm layered over the blistering hits--culminating in the lushest and rawest party fit to do your collective rivetheads in. The usual suspects at the decks of fucking doom are our beloved regulars:

- 21:30 to 23:30 DJ Lique
- 23:30 to 1:00 DJ Mentor
- 1:00 to 3:00 DJ Cosmic Battlefield

So come dressed to distress and experience the premium goth vibe with a glass of absinthe or two as the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM) shows you once again what the local goth scene is really about.

HEART OF DARKNESS has previously won critical acclaim in Time Out magazine's Singapore Edition as the Number 1 critic's choice, ranking above quite a few mainstream clubs and parties. Just so you know, we aren't talking out of our asses.

And just for you, promotions!!

- 9pm - 10pm: $30 for 5 tequila / $6 beers / $6 housepours
- 12am - 1am: 1 for 1
- Beers $8 per mug, $25 per jug / Absinthe $12
- Shots $10 / Jagerbomb $20 for 2 / Wine $10
- Jack Daniels $130 per bottle / Finlandia Vodka $120 per bottle / MUMM Champagne $120 per bottle

Other details:
- Location: NOVA, 29 Carpenter street, 6th floor of Safra game haven, opposite Clarke Quay MRT
- Cover: $12 entry (includes one shot of alize)
- MAP: http://sg.wcg.com/images/stories/GameHavenMap.jpg

For more information:

SDAM party pictures – http://www.sdam.asia
SDAM Portal and Forum – http://www.sdam.sg
SDAM Official Livejournal - http://singaporegoths.livejournal.com
SDAM Official Facebook community - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5512868844

RSVP at our Facebook Community! HERE
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Etsy! [26 Jun 2009|12:43am]

We're making some changes to the site but we're using etsy for now. Click on banner.

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Outbreed (Singapore) - The Biggest Dark Alternative Event in Singapore [21 Jun 2009|02:22pm]


This will be the largest scale SDAM event ever held we are doing it in a warehouse-esque location featuring a collection of top local live acts from our beloved genres alongside DJ talents

First 100 RSVP on our event thread at SDAM.sg will receive a $10 Wrangler Jeans voucher* upon entry!

More details and lineup here!Collapse )
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ORIGINAL SIN - 20th June [17 Jun 2009|01:37pm]


Fans and fiends of old-school goth classics, this upcoming Saturday will thrill you with killer hits from the era of Siouxsie, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Joy Division.

ORIGINAL SIN, the first and only Darkwave/Goth night in SINgapore is where the tragedy's at, melding lush lyrics and vitriolic vignettes that snake its wispy tendrils into the bleak void of your soul. Love lost, decay, and subterranean emptiness, topped with a dose of your favourite poison--there's always the ABSINTHE SHOTS at $8--will infuse this piquant night with opulent colours of introspection and revelation.

Celebrate the fragile human condition with haunting songcrafts and otherworldly offerings of DARKWAVE/OLD-SCHOOL GOTH/ETHEREAL/FOLK from our resident deck masters MENTOR, COSMIC BATTLEFIELD and an appearance by LIQUE. So come dressed in your mourning best, for it's time to bleed out the angst, and wax eloquent about death--after all, Bela Lugosi's DEAD.

Details you'll need:
- 20th June, Saturday
- Cover of $12
- Absinthe shots at $8++, mixers at $10++
- Beers from $6 onwards
- At Blu Jaz Space (on the 3rd floor!!!!!!!)
- Dress in your mourning best!

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Two Noir du'Soleil songs on BLAM HONEY's new album [Providence of Decadence] [08 Jun 2009|04:02pm]

[ mood | working ]

I am very excited to be able to release this news now! We have 2 songs coming out on the new BLAM HONEY memorial album [Providence of Decadence]. Each song features a different vocalist, with all the music/electronics/production by Noir du'Soleil. We worked with two very talented and different singers, Selia from Seileen and the famous DJ Chihiro... This arrangement was actually chosen by RYONAI!

BLAM HONEY were a big influence on my when I first started making my own electronic music, so to now be included on a release with them is a great honour!! Please don't miss out on your chance to get this amazing release~

BLAMHONEY has earned constant acclamation around the world for its original
industrial sound and one-of-a-kind visual image that transcends gender
boundaries. Their next release is a 3-disc memorial collection including
previously unreleased songs, remixes, and videos created since the passing
of TATSUYA! They will hold a one-day revival live to commemorate the
memorial release on July 12 at Ikebukuro ROSA, during which the collection
will be available for presale at the venue. Purchases made via the online
shop will also include a demo recording as a bonus track. A portion of the
album profits will be contributed to a donation fund. Due to this, please be
aware that online orders will include an extra shipping charge.
Industrial / Gothic / Electro

album [Providence of Decadence]
July 12, 2009 Live & Online shop pre-sale
August 26, 2009 In store
Label: Darkest Labyrinth
Disc number: DLBH-1
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD baby, Code 7
Price: 50USD
2CD+DVD, Picture label, 12page booklet
Limited: 1000copies

[Disc:1 (Restoration-CD)]
Providence of Decadence
01. ~Providence~
03. ~The end when it dies~
05. ~Serenade~
07. ~The incomplete sky~
09. ~To the truth~
11. ~Eternity~

[Disc:2 (Remix&Cover-CD)]
01. Providence (Cover / SUPPURATE SYSTEM)
03. RINK (Cover / GOTHIKA)
04. Geneous Forture In The Garden (REMIX / Madam Luciel)
05. Changing Spout In My Head (Cover / CygnosiC feat MICAEL)
06. Deep Hole (REMIX / harshrealm)
07. RINK (Cover / Lesemajesty)
08. Geneous Forture In The Garden (Cover / Spectrum-X)
09. RINK (REMIX / DJ Lucie)
10. Hyper Aesthesia (Cover / [b]Noir du'Soleil feat. DJ Chihiro[/b])
12. Tranceperent Sky (Cover / [b]Noir du'Soleil feat. Selia from Seileen[/b])
13. RINK (Cover / GPKISM)
14. Myacthenia (REMIX / Tyler Wheeler)

[Disc:3 (Recall-DVD)]

Official WebSite

Online shop:

E-MAIL: cure@music.email.ne.jp

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A Necessary Evil - 29th May 2009 [22 May 2009|08:49pm]


Hark! Something wicked this way comes, something to die for...

Singapore Dark Alternative Movement is proud to unearth from the abyss of fire and brimstone, a DIFFERENT night of depravity at Alley Bar (Peranakan Place) on the 29th May 2009. A Necessary Evil is the name of this game, amassing your motley favourites of fishnet freaks and sultry souls resplendent with nefarious villany and requisite dose of melodramatic angst. Just for you sinister souls, our local resident deck surgeons hell-bent on unleashing the latest kickass EBM/Goth/Industrial offerings from the worldwide dark and alternative circuits will sweeten your diablerie with a new face in the lineup. Yes, DJ Benjamin Ang of Singaporean Synthpop duo, Cosmic Armchair, will join DJs Saito Nagasaki, Mentor and Murderfreak for this wicked night of debauchery.

Let your darkest desires wreck havoc upon the dancefloor; indulge in your poisons (yes, we have absinthe!!), live your secrets--there's no reason to hold back--it's A NECESSARY EVIL.

Little details you will need:
- At Alley Bar, Peranakan Place
- 29th May, Friday
- Party from 8pm till 3am-ish
- Free entry, but donations will beget our unending worship
- Absinthe shooters are $15 each
- 2 bottles for $200 (as on poster) for the following: Gordon Gin, Smirnoff Black, Johnnie Walker Black, Jim Beam White, Sauza Gold, Chivas, All Wines

For more information:

SDAM party pictures – http://www.sdam.asia
SDAM Portal and Forum – http://www.sdam.sg
SDAM Official Livejournal - http://singaporegoths.livejournal.com
SDAM Official Facebook community - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5512868844
Alley Bar (Peranakan Place) - http://www.peranakanplace.com

RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115082274664
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Delica video preview now available [07 May 2009|09:31am]

Synthpop band Delica has just posted a preview video from their upcoming summer release on their web site.

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New Free MP3 - Noir du'Soleil x Angelspit [26 Apr 2009|09:17am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Noir du'Soleil x Angelspit
I am pleased to announce that we are uploading our remix of Angelspit's "Grind" as free download!!!
I worked very hard on this remix, so I really hope you will enjoy it! We are making it available directly to fans as a free high quality (320 kbps) MP3.

You can download the file HERE.

If you like this track please share it with everyone you know, give it to local DJs, friends, family, enemies?, and help spread the word about Noir du'Soleil =D


If you like this song please Digg it: http://digg.com/music/New_Free_MP3_Angelspit_Grind_Noir_du_Soleil_Remix

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I sell some cool stuff [22 Apr 2009|09:55pm]

If this is not allowed please delete.

I am selling some Visual Kei style and punk style clothes.
Jackets, Coats, sweaters, bags, shoes, skirts, pants and more.

Please take a look at my journal:

buy me, buy me, buy me
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