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A Necessary Evil - 29th May 2009

Hark! Something wicked this way comes, something to die for...

Singapore Dark Alternative Movement is proud to unearth from the abyss of fire and brimstone, a DIFFERENT night of depravity at Alley Bar (Peranakan Place) on the 29th May 2009. A Necessary Evil is the name of this game, amassing your motley favourites of fishnet freaks and sultry souls resplendent with nefarious villany and requisite dose of melodramatic angst. Just for you sinister souls, our local resident deck surgeons hell-bent on unleashing the latest kickass EBM/Goth/Industrial offerings from the worldwide dark and alternative circuits will sweeten your diablerie with a new face in the lineup. Yes, DJ Benjamin Ang of Singaporean Synthpop duo, Cosmic Armchair, will join DJs Saito Nagasaki, Mentor and Murderfreak for this wicked night of debauchery.

Let your darkest desires wreck havoc upon the dancefloor; indulge in your poisons (yes, we have absinthe!!), live your secrets--there's no reason to hold back--it's A NECESSARY EVIL.

Little details you will need:
- At Alley Bar, Peranakan Place
- 29th May, Friday
- Party from 8pm till 3am-ish
- Free entry, but donations will beget our unending worship
- Absinthe shooters are $15 each
- 2 bottles for $200 (as on poster) for the following: Gordon Gin, Smirnoff Black, Johnnie Walker Black, Jim Beam White, Sauza Gold, Chivas, All Wines

For more information:

SDAM party pictures –
SDAM Portal and Forum –
SDAM Official Livejournal -
SDAM Official Facebook community -
Alley Bar (Peranakan Place) -

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