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alt_asian's Journal

Alternative Asians
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Alternative Asians is a meet & greet/vanity based community not only for Asians but for anybody who appreciates the alternative Asian culture. This community was formed with the desire to bring together people of a different outlook upon the modern Asian culture other than the traditional stereotypes. Feel free to post pictures, muses, etc, but do take regard upon others and do not flame or insult.

Keep in Mind:

  • We wish to promote a positive community. Flaming, harassment, or any type of degrading remark will not be tolerated and the perpetrator will be banned without hesitation.

  • It is suggested (but not necessary) to post an introductory post about yourself so we all know who you might be.

  • When your post reaches an exceptional length (due to writing or pictures), please be courteous and use an LJ-Cut. Instructions can be found here.

  • No anonymous posts.

  • It is courteous to ask a mod for permission to advertise in this community. Please keep this in mind or your post will be deleted.

  • If we feel a post is not pertinent to this community, we reserve the right to delete it.

  • Please, no drama.

Any questions, please contact the administrator/moderator below.
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