Verline.S (verlinexpixy) wrote in alt_asian,

Heart of Darkness - 5th Sep 2009

August may have come and gone but the enthrallment still lives on as September promises to be a captivating month, starting off with Heart Of Darkness on 5th September. Brought to you by the Singapore Dark Alternative Dark Movement, it has received rave reviews from Timeout Singapore as their 'number one choice for alternative entertainment' and revellers who have attended past events can certainly attest to that fact.

Happening at the dark enclave known as NOVA, rest your weary bodies and retreat with a bottle of Jack Daniels while enjoying the atmosphere or liberalise your body and dance the night away as disc distorters Lique (Diol), Saito Nagasaki (Aesgrade) and Cosmic Battlefield (Cosmic Armchair) spin their refined selection of EBM, electro-industrial and gothic as the music enraptures your darkened souls for the night.

Let it be an unforgettable night and one to reminisce as Heart Of Darkness promises to teleport you into a realm that embraces you with open arms for the scent of darkness is simply irresistible.

For more information:
SDAM Portal and Forum –
SDAM Livejournal -
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Please RSVP for the event here HERE
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